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Welcome to our newly opened shopping site with the motto of ``Giving Japanese people a comfortable life in Korea.'' This site has a wide variety of items necessary for living in Korea, such as household goods and daily necessities. What I'm particularly happy about is that you can easily pay with a credit card issued in Japan, and no personal authentication is required. This allows you to enjoy shopping with ease.

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Purchase Korean items

You will be able to find your favorite items while experiencing new lifestyle and culture. Please visit our website to find attractive products unique to Korea and use them as gifts for loved ones or as a treat for yourself. We will wholeheartedly support you to make your life in Korea even more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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SIM card usage procedure

We have introduced a smooth and convenient SIM card charge payment system. Easy payment with one click. The quick process ensures that you always enjoy the best communication environment without any interruptions in communication services. It can be used with confidence even if you use it regularly or suddenly run out of data. Please use it easily and with peace of mind.

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Korean life support

Together with an interpreter, we will support you with the various procedures necessary to start a new life in Korea, such as registering as a foreigner and opening a bank account. We support infrastructure development and answer questions about daily life. We will help you live a safe and secure life in Korea. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.

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Study abroad support in Korea

We will provide comprehensive and reliable study abroad support to those who are planning to study abroad in Korea. We will take care of the troublesome work related to study abroad procedures and visa applications, and will support you so that you can travel with peace of mind even if it is your first time living abroad. We hope that your study abroad experience will be even more meaningful as you come into contact with different cultures, make new friends, and gain new experiences.

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